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Tattoo Removal

  • Great way to get rid of unwanted tattoos
  • works on a broad spectrum of colours
  • Can take from 5 to 15 treatments for best results


Decorative tattoos, body art and semi-permanent make-up have been around throughout history and have increased in popularity in recent times. There may come a time when you decide to have your tattoo removed, and although previous techniques to do this were ineffective the laser gets fantastic results! The laser produces short pulses that pass through the skin and the energy breaks the pigment down into particles which are safely removed by the body's lymphatic system

It works on a broad spectrum of colours and works on all skin types. Whereas older methods of tattoo removal often leave a 'ghost' of the original image, less treatments are required and it has the ability to completely remove the tattoo. In addition, our technology is gentler than other types of laser removal technology and there is less risk of any scarring or discomfort- it feels like elastic bands snapping against the skin.

After treatment, the tattoo will turn white, and cold compresses can be used to greatly reduce or eliminate blistering or swelling. The area will fade with each treatment as the pigment breaks down. It may take between 5-15 treatments every 6-12 weeks to see the maximum results, but the tattoo will continue to fade between treatment


  • It treats dark blue-black tattoos, which fade the best
  • Treats red tattoos well
  • Treats green, yellow and aqua which are usually the hardest to fade
  • works well on semi-permanent make-up (eye-liner, lip-liner, eyebrow tattoos etc.)
about us
about us
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