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Father's Day

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Father's Day

Posted on 16th Jun 2016

Hi everybody. We have been busy relaunching our social media and website recently. So if you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please check out Imperial Smile and we will see you over there.

We've also got a brand new blog on the website now.

It's always difficult with something new to know what to talk about. But, with Father's Day coming up, we thought we'd devoye a little time to the men, who don't always get a look in, in the world of beauty and aesthetics. And so we wanted to talk about hair removal for men. I know what some of you are thinking. Hair removal? Men? Other than shaving faces, what more is there to it?

But there are many guys who dislike a hairy back or neck or shoulders or torso and so many partners who prefer their men with less hair in part.

Using a pulse light, laser hair removal is easy and painless. It allows any growth to be significantly reduced. Any hair that does grow back in these areas is slower and finer.

So-if you want to treat the man in your life or you want a smoother man in your life,then weve got a little offer just for you.


Mens special offers

Half back -£45

Course of 6-£160


Full back-£50

Course of 6 -£270


Full back with upper arms -£70

Course of 6 -£390


Chest -£45

Course of 6 -£250


Abdomen -£45

Course of 6-£250


Chest and Abdomen -£80

Course of 6 -£450


Chest,Abdomen and upper arms -£95

Course of 6 -£540


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  • +44 (0)20 8111 1058

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